My HealtheLab VA Focus...

  My HealtheLab will focus on a novel model for VA health care delivery that has been employed in the private sector since 1985, “Healthlab… Uniquely Personal Health through Preventive Care.

  My HealtheLab can deliver graphic visual interpretations of Veterans’ personal lab results in the easy to access VA My HealtheVet website from any computer browser.

  My HealtheLab portal can leverage the investment of My HealtheVet infrastructure to ensure the security, privacy, and protection of Veterans’ laboratory information.

  My HealtheLab can provide a critical algorithm to VistA EHR by normalization of laboratory data from all VA facilities regardless of test methods, units of measurement or standard codes.

                 My HealtheLab Feasibility…it is sustainable

  My HealtheLab can be leveraged as a novel niche in the VA health care delivery system by providing focus on reporting of Veterans’ laboratory test result from any of VA facility through the VA My HealtheVet portal. My HealtheLab can provide an opportunity for Deloitte Digital to designed and maintain the Diagnostic Dx widgets for easy visual display of laboratory results.

  My HealtheLab can provide the Health Assessment Deviation (HAD) algorithm available to eHMP EHR regardless of local or national terminology independent of LOINC coding or VA laboratory methodology for testing analyses. The HAD can effectively classify any lab result into a classification system that summarizes the clinical interpretation and provides an easy to understand metric based on variation within the reported reference ranges from any VA laboratory.

  My HealtheLab can be a sustainable endeavor for Deloitte Consulting by maintaining the investment of the HAD application to every VA hospital, clinic or Community outlet worldwide providing the maintenance of the digital rendition of all laboratory Dx widgets(c) by Deloitte Digital and providing necessary updates to the HAD algorithm.

My HealtheLab Impactful…

  My HealtheLab provides a unique experience for the Veteran to see and understand individual laboratory test results through the use of high definition graphic diagnostic Dx widgets(c).

  • The consequence of a Veteran understanding test results can produce a greater investment in their personal health status, thereby...
  • The informed Veteran motivated for a healthy status accepts more personal responsibility for health in collaboration with the attending doctor.
  • The VA doctor has a busy roster of patients in many levels of health with critical patients requiring more time and care. My HealtheLab provides an adjunct service prompting the Veteran to take more control of their health thus reducing the load on ambulatory care and decreasing the need for hospital admissions.

My HealtheLab Differentiates…

  My HealtheLab Diagnostic Dx Widgets(c) are a unique method for displaying simple to complex laboratory test results in an easy to understand graphic representation for the magnitude of the test level. 

My HealtheLab is based on a novel but simple statistical relationship between a Standard Deviation (SD) and the simpler form of Standard z-score. Standard z-scores are represented as Health Assessment Deviations (HAD) because the true mathematic parameters for SD do not allow for the decimal numeric reporting values commonly produced by the clinical laboratory.

My HealtheLab configuration with HAD algorithm and didactic digital interpretative representation of numeric values, distinguishes itself for collaboration of millions of laboratory test results reported by the VA Vista system. If you can see a picture of the magnitude of a clinical finding, the doctor’s mind can instantly be engaged as a clinical decision alert.

My HealtheLab is seeing your good health in action